Highlighting exhibition and sponsoring options in the best possible manner can be a tricky task.


When it comes to defining their framework and scope, expertise and a solid understanding of the market are required, but also antenna for the other. Much of it we already have – all else will follow from personal conversations.


Thanks to our good contacts, we are able to assess industry expectations well, thus enhancing your congress’s profile.


It is also important to know which rules of conduct (think compliance) are in effect. In addition, experiences from past meetings need to be considered as well as the development of competitive congresses screened, and much more.


Find below a selection of our services:

  • Draft a concept
  • Research potential sponsors and exhibitors and relevant contact persons
  • Compile and send out invitation brochures including early registration and agreement forms
  • Manage marketing and sales of sponsoring and exhibition packages
  • Arrange continuous follow-ups with interested parties (via e-mail or telephone)
  • Handle contracts with industry, invoicing and monitoring of payments, as well as manage incoming funds
  • Be present on site to assist companies during setup/dismantling and during the meeting
  • Keep accounts and provide final settlement with the organiser
  • Send out thank you letters to industry representatives; obtain feedback
  • Compile and distribute an exhibitors’ manual with all details regarding the technical and organisational proceedings on site (delivery, transport, rental furniture, setup and dismantling, local characteristics, etc.)
  • Measure exhibition space; produce floor plans including catering areas, scientific poster area, etc.
  • Compile an exhibition plan; allocate booths in cooperation with the organiser
  • Serve as interface between the venue and exhibitors
  • Coordinate sub-contractors (booth construction services, etc)
  • Manage compilation and sales of individual sponsorship packages as well as separate sponsoring items (symposia, ads, etc) in cooperation with the organiser
  • Manage sales and coordination of print ads
  • Manage acquisition of sponsors, in writing or via telephone
  • Coordinate, organise and implement appointed sponsoring packages and services