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One gram of DNA contains as much information as compact discs. That’s quite an imposing number – and one which shows that people individually are the ultimate knowledge pools. To keep these constantly refreshed, we organise congresses that are as unique as those involved in them.

Anecdotal Evidence

Our regular customers

and what do they say...

Dr. Winfried Muhri

I congratulate you and the whole team on the perfect transmission and the entire organisation. Technically, I have not yet experienced so much perfection - while participating in very many webinars.

Prof. Martin H. Borkenstein

This time I have to turn to you to warmly congratulate you and your team on the annual conference. It was not only a great success in terms of content - I will say that personally to my colleague Sourij - but above all in terms of organisation and technology. Really a big compliment to you all.

Judith Reichert

The mondial team as forward-thinking and showed a high degree of flexibility, if I only think of the official measures in Vienna that changed within the last few weeks. A lot of last-minute work was necessary.

Corafien Kuck-Bass

"I want to congratulate you and your team with the great organization. I really liked the format and it was very well prepared. I want to thank you for your great support. Looking forward to work with you in 2 years! Have a good day!"