Congress Organisation (PCO)

This might just suit you

Dependable and with an eye for details. This is how we organise congresses. And it seems that we’re going about it the right way: the loyalty of our many national and international clients is the best proof.


Whether the event is small or large in numbers, whether individual services are requested or a carefree “all-in”-package, whether we are suppliers or partners: we are ready to take on the requested role – in Vienna, Austria and all of Europe.


As PCO, we lead you through the rough-and-tumble of tax legislation as well as newest compliance rules and visa requirements. Make sure that participants have an easy time collecting their CME points. Show exciting alternatives to common presentation formats and networking scenarios. Reduce costs, for example through smart negotiations with suppliers. Read contracts closely in order to spot and avoid hidden costs and risks.


That way, your head stays free for what matters to you.
Below, a selection of our services.