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We're happy when you're happy

What pleases us the most? Happy customers.

Has a common venture come to a close, we ask for honest answers: How would you characterise our collaboration? Did you feel well taken care of? Did we get a good grasp of what's important to you and the congress, and also put it into effect?
If some appreciative comments or words of praise follow, our eyes light up – because this tells us: good job.

I congratulate you and the whole team on the perfect transmission and the entire organisation. Technically, I have not yet experienced so much perfection - while participating in very many webinars.

Dr. Winfried Muhri

Participant ÖDG Annual Meeting 2021

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Diabetes Society, 18-19 November 2021, Salzburg
Participants: 1067 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

This time I have to turn to you to warmly congratulate you and your team on the annual conference. It was not only a great success in terms of content - I will say that personally to my colleague Sourij - but above all in terms of organisation and technology. Really a big compliment to you all.

Prof. Martin H. Borkenstein

Participant ÖDG Annual Meeting 2021

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Diabetes Society, 18-19 November 2021, Salzburg
Participants: 1067 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

The mondial team as forward-thinking and showed a high degree of flexibility, if I only think of the official measures in Vienna that changed within the last few weeks. A lot of last-minute work was necessary.

Judith Reichert

Director of Administration, EUROSPINE

EUROSPINE Annual Meeting, 6-8 October 2021, Vienna
Participants: 766 on-site, 370 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

"I want to congratulate you and your team with the great organization. I really liked the format and it was very well prepared. I want to thank you for your great support. Looking forward to work with you in 2 years! Have a good day!"

Corafien Kuck-Bass

Agendia (Exhibitor)

BCC - 17th Breast Cancer Conference, 17-20 March 2021, Vienna
Participants: 2843 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

"Congrats on the successful congress by the way. We are trying to get an “official corporate letter” prepared to thank the organising committee. But I just wanted to let you know that I feel you and the expert panel really leveraged the virtual format in an engaging and positive way."

Jeff Robson

Marketing Manager, Veracyte

BCC - 17th Breast Cancer Conference, 17-20 March 2021, Vienna
Participants: 2843 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

"First off, let me thank you for everything. It’s been a real pleasure from my side working with you, and I truly appreciate your patience, expertise and attentiveness! "

Amanda Cross


BCC - 17th Breast Cancer Conference, 17-20 March 2021, Vienna
Participants: 2843 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your support with this meeting. It was a great help that you were so responsive to our questions and we really appreciated your flexibility with timelines. Our team have been involved with quite a few virtual congresses now and we’ve been very impressed with Mondial’s organisation and with the virtual platform itself. I hope you have a well-earned break once the congress ends!”

Amy Moore


BCC - 17th Breast Cancer Conference, 17-20 March 2021, Vienna
Participants: 2843 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

“It was indeed a very successful event for us! We are very happy with the outcome and highly appreciate everything you particularly did for us. You were there every single day!!”

Rebeca Lopez

Answers in CME

BCC - 17th Breast Cancer Conference, 17-20 March 2021, Vienna
Participants: 2843 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

“…everyone is super happy with the outcome…” “Thank you so much Ellen! I am sad we won't be working together after tomorrow! You have been so fantastic and helpful throughout this whole process. I want to let you know that the event was viewed as a great success yesterday. The team was so happy with the final product and we could not have done it without you!! The Q&A was so good in fact I was hoping the St. Gallen AV team recorded our session? We would love to have a full video of the pre-recorded video and the Q&A in its entirety. Thank you again for all of your help and hard work, truly!”

Caitlan Bose

Answers in CME

BCC - 17th Breast Cancer Conference, 17-20 March 2021, Vienna
Participants: 2843 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

"I always enjoy being able to rely on your high level of professionalism. The knowledge that I have a competent partner at my side who can also respond to special requests at short notice is enormously reassuring."

Mag. Simon Huber

Austrian Academy of Doctors GmbH

Austrian Vaccination Day 2021, 23 January 2021, virtual conference
Participants: 2274 online | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

The organization by Mondial is absolutely perfect under these circumstances. Even our not so tech-savvy members were online at the AK meetings from March until now and also the complexity of a congress could be solved.

Ralf Harun Zwick & Bernhard Puchner

Programme organising team, ÖGP 2020

44th Annual Meeting of the ÖGP & 4th Annual Meeting of the OGTC, 14-16 October 2020, virtual
Participants: xxx online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

“I think we can all agree this was a huge success. We have seen wonderful presentations online – and this was a great challenge for us. It is very important to thank Mondial. Because without their outstanding efforts day and night we would not have been able to present you with these outstanding presentations.”

Anton Sculean

Scientific Chair, EFP Perio Master Clinic 2020

EFP Perio Master Clinic, 6-7 March 2020, Dublin
Participants: 626 on site, 136 online | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

“Thank you to you and all the team for such a successful meeting in Barcelona. This would not be possible without your tremendous work and commitment, over and above the call of duty.“

Tim Pigott


EUROSPINE – The Spine Society of Europe, 19-21 September 2018 , Barcelona
Participants: 3.700 | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

“I would like to thank (…) all those at Mondial involved in the Bruxelles Congress for the excellent work you delivered, both in preparing the congress and on site in Bruxelles. My impression was that the entire Mondial crew worked in a very friendly and very efficient way and supported us in the best way possible.”

Prim. Prof. Dr. med. Hans Edmund Eckel

Past President, Confederation of European ORL-HNS

5th Congress of European ORL-HNS, 29 June - 3 July 2019, Brussels
Participants: 2.900 | Mondial Congress Services: Core PCO

“On behalf of the ESHRE team, I would like to thank you for your assistance, professionalism and dedicated collaboration with the organisation of our 34th Annual Meeting which was held in Barcelona from 1 to 4 July 2018. We were all very pleased with the support you gave us in getting the social programme organised and in finding and handling the accommodation for that many delegates.“

Bruno Van den Eede

Finance and Administration Manager, ESHRE

ESHRE Annual Meeting, 1 - 4 July 2018 , Barcelona
Participants: 12.000 | Mondial Congress Services: DMC

"Your commitment and visible enjoyment of your work were remarkable. You […] have shown a professionalism that increasingly commanded our respect and made us develop complete trust in your views and assessments."

Prim. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Frischer

Congress President

40th Annual Meeting of the Society for Paediatric Pneumology, 22.-24. February 2018, Vienna
Participants: 690 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

"The collaboration is not only professional and completely straightforward; it is also a delight on the interpersonal level. We extremely enjoy working with you […] Mondial and UEG are a good example of how a cooperation can work out when the same mentality and service mindedness come together. "

Doris Möstl

Executive Director, United European Gastroenterology

25th UEGWeek, 28. Oktober-1. November 2017, Barcelona
Participants: 13.000 | Mondial Congress Services: Core Registration & Housing Provider

“We are very grateful to Mondial for the organization and the way they handled all the tasks during the congress, their professional skills, high commitment, dedication and their friendliness and enthusiasm which contributed to make ICALEPS 2017 a great success.“

David Fernández

Conference Chair

ICALEPCS - International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, 8-13 October 2017, Barcelona
Participants: 630 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

„In the name of OPG and in the name of the many delegates of the 6th Austrian Interdisciplinary Congress of Palliative Care in Bregenz, I would like to thank you personally for your great work and the truly excellent collaboration at the congress! This was a milestone for hospice- and palliative culture in Austria, a milestone for the OPG and an extremely apt example of interdisciplinary cooperation. The quality, the atmosphere, the preparation and planning, the implementation, and much more - were magnificent.“

Dr. Harald Retschitzegger, MSc.

President of the Austrian Association for Palliative Care

6. Österreichischer Interdisziplinärer Palliativkongress | 27.-29. April 2017, Bregenz
Participants: 1.200 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. All of you were very kind and mindful and professional throughout the process. I think, we as the team achieved a very good result.“

Prof.Dr. Korkud Demirel

Congress President, 2nd EFP Perio Master Clinic

2nd EFP Perio Master Clinic | 03.-04. March 2017, Malta
Participants: 500 | Mondial Congress Services: CorePCO

"You were goal-oriented, imaginative, hard-working and thorough, but -most importantly - always in good spirits despite all the work and stress. We all were simply a fantastic team!!!“

PD Dr. Hubert Brückl

Organiser, MNE 2016

42nd International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering | 19.-23. September 2016, Vienna
Participants: 400 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

“It is remarkable how this project developed over the last 3,5 years and finally turned into a crowning success. We have received nothing but praise and admiration for this perfect congress and you and your team are a fundamental part of that – perfectly done and organized – thank you very much for this.”

Dr. Manfred Hochleither

VÖK President, Congress President FECAVA 2016

FECAVA Eurocongress | 22 - 25 June 2016, Vienna
Participants: 1.660 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

"EuroPerio 8, held in London in June 2015, turned out to be the largest and most successful congress on Periodontology (Gum Disease) and Implant Dentistry. Working with Mondial on this complex project was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Their great strengths included their professionalism, commitment, experience and attention to detail. They were a great team who were all totally committed to delivering this project to the highest standard. I would choose to work with them again any day of the week! "

Prof. Francis Hughes

Chair, EuroPerio8

EuroPerio 8 | 3 - 6 June 2015, London
Participants: 9.600 | Mondial Congress Services: CorePCO

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal and the entire ESR staff’s gratitude for your ongoing support and excellent work you and your team put into the realisation of each European Congress of Radiology. For more than twenty years your outstanding performance and our cooperation has become the main pillar we build the ECR’s success on."

Peter Baierl

Executive Director, European Society of Radiology

European Congress of Radiology | annually since 1991, Vienna
Participants: 18.000 | Mondial Congress Services: DMC

"The Mondial team now regularly organises the largest Austrian arbitration conference, the Vienna Arbitration Days. The organising bodies, including the Austrian Arbitration Association, could not imagine a better partner. It feels good for the experts to be able to focus on content, because they know that they are in good hands with Mondial in all organisational matters. "

DDr. Alexander Petsche

President, Austrian Arbitration Association, Partner at Baker & McKenzie

Vienna Arbitration Days |13 - 14 February 2015, Vienna
Participants: 210 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

"It is my desire to thank you and all at Mondial Vienna for your great commitment and the exceptionally pleasant and constructive cooperation with your Mondial team during the preparation and staging of our first large event at ACV Vienna! The city by the Danube showed its sunny side and the overwhelming majority of our roughly 3200 congress delegates seemed – as far as we can judge at this point – happy with the change in location of this congress, which had previously been held in St. Gallen 13 times. "

Professor Dr. med. Hans-Jörg Senn

Vice-Chairman, Foundation St.Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK)

Breast Cancer Conference |18 - 21 March 2015, Vienna
Participants: 3.200 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO, IND

"Working with you has been a great pleasure and an immense organizational relief. Operations were flawless, from the congress secretariat and registration and speaker management processes, to hotel reservations. […] The Austrian Diabetes Association can and will recommend Mondial as Professional Congress Organizer any time and at every opportunity. "

Univ.-Prof.Dr. Hermann Toplak

Congress President

Spring Meeting of the Austrian Diabetes Association |24 - 25 April 2015, Villach
Participants: 250 | Mondial Congress Services: PCO

"I would like to thank you personally for your outstanding work on the occasion of the 50th Annual Meeting of EASD. (...) You and your team attended to our guests in the usual heartfelt manner, it is through you that Vienna is the best place for large-scale congresses in Europe, one that we will happily return to time and time again."

Dr. med. Viktor Jörgens

Executive Director EASD

Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes 2006, 2009, 2014 | 15 - 19 September 2014, Vienna
Participants: 17.000 | Mondial Congress Services: DMC