Interview Series #1: Let’s talk about IT!

22. November 2021

In the first part of our new interview series, we take a look at the various staff departments at Mondial Congress & Events, which are essential for the production and handling of our projects. Often, however, they are mainly active in the background and therefore it is time to bring them in front of the curtain and thus provide a look behind the scenes. 2020 has brought big changes for everyone – we have adapted, learned, bundled motivation, and found solutions for our customers. Without our IT, however, none of this would have worked as well as it did. That’s why part one will be about them. Our IT superstars, without whom we would not have survived the last 18 months: Artur, Irina and Kemal.

What was the biggest challenge you faced as an IT team due to the pandemic?
Artur: It was certainly the abrupt switch to virtual congresses. We had no experience with streaming and virtual congress platforms before that. So we had to acquire the necessary knowledge at short notice and react quickly. Fortunately, that worked out well.
How has the daily congress routine changed for the IT team?
Kemal: We are all in the same boat, which is why a lot of things have become more unpredictable and short-term for us as IT as well.
Irina: Exactly, tasks come at much shorter notice and the demands on us are constantly expanding. Tasks that used to always be the same or similar, regardless of the projects, are now much more dynamic, complex and different from each other. You have to be flexible and plan for more time: rehearsals, pre-recordings with speakers, etc. require a lot of preparation time and flexibility on all sides. On location, we now also have to take care of the technology – we are responsible for everything that is broadcast online.
Artur:I also think that our range of tasks has expanded considerably. Additional tasks have been added to the earlier ones. In addition to virtual and hybrid congresses, the demands on in-house graphics and video production are also becoming greater. Overall, the division of tasks and specialization in our department is clearer than before.
Which IT trends will become relevant in the congress industry in the next few years? What are the biggest challenges?
Kemal: Hybrid congresses are now “the new normal” and will become even more firmly established in the next few years, with the focus on “content & experience” and “sustainability”. The year-round commitment of participants will also play an important role.
The biggest challenge is the ability to plan and the necessary investments in the event industry.
What does a classic workday look like for you when you’re not working from home?
Irina: My alarm clock usually rings shortly after 7, but then it takes me a few minutes to gather the motivation to get up. Shortly before 8, I make my way to the office. Once I have arrived I go directly to the coffee machine. Then it’s time to plan the workday, get an overview and prioritize the tasks. Most mornings I spend setting up registration pages and creating different graphics for the virtual congress platforms. Often, there are also smaller tasks for different projects that I squeeze in briefly. Throughout the day, various IT problems from colleagues come up again and again, but we quickly solve them as a team. After the lunch break with my “lunch buddies”, I continue to work on the e-mails that keep popping up in my inbox. Before the afternoon slump we have a short pop-up marketing meeting where coffee is a must. We work diligently on our social media presence and collect new ideas for various marketing activities. Lately it’s been a lot about reels, so stay tuned! ? At 5 p.m. we usually go home more or less on time.
What are the most popular office snacks?
Artur:Tin Mints – I actually try to avoid snacks in the office.
Irina:Definitely Kinder Cards and if it should be something spicy then cheese snails or bacon sticks.
Kemal:All the “free snacks” and sweets that my nice colleagues provide me with ?
Finally, do we get a glimpse into your “IT playlist”? What are your top 3 songs that get you out of any motivation slump?
Artur: “The Beach Boys – Sloop John B”, “Steve Winwood – Back in the High Life Again” , und wenn aufmuntern gar nicht mehr möglich ist: “Moby –When it’s cold I‘d like to die“
Irina: “Dylan – Nineteen ”, “Leslie Clio – Abcdef*ck Off ” , “Axwell x Ingrosso – Sun is shining ”
Kemal: “Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop”, “The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize”, “Kayne West – Nah Nah Nah”

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