What defines us

One gram of DNA contains as much information as compact discs. That’s quite an imposing number – and one which shows that people individually are the ultimate knowledge pools. To keep these constantly refreshed, we organise congresses that are as unique as those involved in them.


Each design is one of a kind

On the surface, congresses may seem similar in nature. A closer look, however, reveals each event’s numerous facets, all manifestations of its distinctive DNA. To note and highlight these nuances is one crucial aspect of our work. We don't care for cheap blueprints.


Mr. Röntgen would be most pleased

Our method of working is open, structured – and clear-cut down to the last molecule: costs are presented comprehensibly, open issues are raised in a straightforward fashion, and decisions are taken in accordance with you, the organiser. We are dedicated, and our manner of working is diligent and fair: we make suggestions only when convinced that they will benefit the congress as well as the society. It is our belief that sincere conduct and sustainable actions are always worth the effort – for everyone.


Strong Genes

For more than five decades, we have been driven by the wish to organise congresses that will captivate people – in Austria and all of Europe.

Despite, or probably rather as a result of our “advanced age”, we are in the best of shape: time and again, the renowned rating agency “Dun & Bradstreet” has awarded highest marks to Mondial and its financial condition. Such continuous economic success clearly shows one thing: sustainable management lies in our nature.