The 1st of July, 2021: Oh, what a day!

20. July 2021

The first of July 2021 was a day we will remember for a long time: After more than a year on hold we could finally come together again (according to the 3G regulations) to celebrate our achievements of 2021, the restart of congresses in Austria and also ourselves.
In Austria, we say “Geimpft, getestet oder genesen (3G)“ which translates to “vaccinated, tested or recovered” and is the new norm when it comes to events. The 3G concept and officially approved health concepts build the basis for a step back into normality. The proof of your 3G status acts as an entry lock for leisure activities and events and thus means a restart for the Austrian congress industry.
We took this restart to get back together again and review the first half of 2021 and celebrate our achievements in these challenging times. In the morning it was time for the annual Project Presentation where the project leaders share their learnings and best-practice examples with the whole team. Afterwards, we put one of those learnings into operation: thinking out-of-the-box and finding alternative solutions that work well and spice up the event was one of the biggest learnings in the past months. That’s why we organised part two of the presentation as an outdoor-pop-up event. Instead of the usual meeting room, we met outside in nature to listen to the presentation from the comfort of our picnic blankets and soaking up vitamin D.
Additionally, we started a new chapter by finally reuniting in person and spending precious quality time together again. Enjoying themselves, everyone started to forget the digital world (except for our social media manager, of course ?* ) After more than a year of social drought every gulp of the homemade lemonade felt like the long-awaited and cathartic rainfall.
Fully energized we are now hoping that this positive restart will continue its path. We are excited about autumn and the “EUROSPINE 2021” and the “65 Jahrestagung der Österreichischen HNO Gesellschaft” which both further establish Austria as an important location for international and national projects. They will further motivate us to get off to a flying start for onsite congresses in 2022.
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