6 medical session formats to look forward to in 2018

Nightmare, Debate, 3D, Live Surgery; what do these words have in common? They are all session formats at EuroPerio9, the world’s leading congress in Periodontology, which is less than year away. It is sure to once again set the benchmark higher, not only for dental education, but also for continuing medical education as a whole. Here are six innovative session formats that will make an appearance in 2018:

Attracting young members and staying relevant: How associations can successfully overcome their major challenges

“Staying relevant”, “ensuring continuation” is what most association leaders will answer when asked about the major challenges facing associations today. Motivating young people to take an active part in non-profit life seems to become more and more difficut. Board positions tend to be filled with the usual suspects, who are still willing and able to shoulder the workload. But when even these veterans retire from association leadership, they leave big shoes to fill.

Beat the heat: 6 tips for staying cool at summer congresses

In Europe, we are spoiled for atmosphere. Because of our age-old history spanning centuries, we have the opportunity to organize events in grand locations like baroque palaces and old castles. The downside: Historic buildings are often hard to air condition. With years’ experience of working in all kinds of climates, we have prepared six tips that will help keep your delegates’ minds open for education – even in hot weather.

Continuous education not only for our clients

As a professional congress organiser, we know the importance of continuous education. All year we are concerned with the organisation of educational events for our clients. Due to the pandemic these events have changed their channel and were shifted into the online world. We learned a lot and decided to test those lessons on ourselves. Therefore, we used this approach, applied it to our own education and took the chance to put more emphasis on the skill development of our employees. Barbara Skrott is director of national projects and person responsible for our training who will give you a little insight into the topic.

Fish and Foxes: Our favourite meeting formats from Convention4u 2017

When congress organisers go to congresses for congress organisers, things get a little bit meta. Because that’s where they get to try out new meeting formats in person before pitching them to their clients. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t throw stones inside a fishbowl and how cable cars can bring people together.
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Fortbildung: Nicht nur für unsere Kund*innen

Als professioneller Kongressorganisator wissen wir, wie wichtig stetige Fort- und Weiterbildung ist. Jahr ein, Jahr aus beschäftigen wir uns mit der Organisation solcher Veranstaltungen für unsere Kund*innen. Das letzte Jahr hat die Kongresswelt auf den Kopf gestellt und die Art der Veranstaltungen verändert und in den digitalen Raum gebracht. Diese Entwicklung hat auch an unseren internen Fortbildungen ihre Spuren hinterlassen. Wir haben die Zeit genutzt, viel gelernt und am eigenen Leib getestet, wie es denn so ist, wenn man Weiterbildung ins Internet verlegt. Barbara Skrott, Director of National Projects, ist bei Mondial Congress für eben diesen Bereich verantwortlich und gibt im Folgenden einen kleinen Einblick in die Welt des Skill Developments.

Green Meeting Checkliste: Wie mache ich meinen Kongress umweltfreudlicher?

2017 durften wir gleich drei nationale Kongresse als Green Meetings zertifizieren. Immer mehr Veranstaltern von Kongressen und sonstigen Fortbildungsveranstaltungen ist es ein Anliegen, diese umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten. Oft weiß man nicht, wo man beginnen soll und welche Maßnahmen wirksam sind. Die gute Nachricht: Es ist gar nicht so schwer, bei der Kongressorganisation auf die Umwelt zu achten. Bereits kleine Änderungen können Großes bewirken. Unsere Green Meeting Checkliste soll Ihnen dabei helfen, den Überblick zu bewahren.

How to donate leftover congress materials for a good cause and fill them with new meaning

We often produce tons of congress materials knowing that they will become obsolete once the event is over. What happens to all the stuff that is left over? Not every disused staff t-shirt needs to end up in the bin. Mondial Congress & Events has researched some ways to do good with old materials. If you keep your eyes open, you might find some more in your own neighborhood.