Congress Organisation (PCO)

This might just suit you

Dependable and with an eye for details. This is how we organise congresses. And it seems that we're going about it the right way: the loyalty of our many national and international clients is the best proof.

Whether the event is small or large in numbers, whether individual services are requested or a carefree "all-in"-package, whether we are suppliers or partners: we are ready to take on the requested role – in Vienna, Austria and all of Europe.

As PCO, we lead you through the rough-and-tumble of tax legislation as well as newest compliance rules and visa requirements. Make sure that participants have an easy time collecting their CME points. Show exciting alternatives to common presentation formats and networking scenarios. Reduce costs, for example through smart negotiations with suppliers. Read contracts closely in order to spot and avoid hidden costs and risks.

That way, your head stays free for what matters to you.
Below, a selection of our services.

  • Draft an action plan and timeline; define responsibilities and milestones
  • Take part in organisational meetings with you, the organiser
  • Advise and coordinate logistics for the complete congress organisation under consideration of the congress goals
  • Serve as central contact point for organisers suppliers, speakers, participants and exhibitors
  • Negotiate with, assign and supervise required suppliers in accordance with the organiser
  • Produce a congress report including statistics
  • Offer support with the analysis of tax issues
  • Compile and continuously update a detailed congress budget
  • Set up a financial reporting system
  • Open a separate congress bank account to ensure transparency of all transactions
  • Continuously monitor income and expenses
  • Draw up a final balace
  • Advise on venue requirements and create a concept ensuring optimal use of space
  • Negotiate and conclude venue contract
  • Coordinate site inspections for the organiser and/or industry partners
  • Soliciate quotations from third party suppliers; order and organise technical equipment, catering, interpreting services, signage and other relevant services on site
  • Recruit, coordinate and manage congress staff
  • Coordinate and set up the media centre
  • Set up the scientific poster area
  • Develop a marketing plan in accordance with the congress structure and culture
  • Coordinate development of a corporate identity for printed matters and web
  • Coordinate printed matters (flyers, announcements, conference programmes, posters, etc.)
  • Produce other printed matters (invitations for framework programme, honorary certificates, vouchers, etc.)
  • Coordinate the set-up of the congress website and provide regular updates
  • Advise on the use of social media and interactive web tools
  • Coordinate PR and media activities via a PR agency
  • Set up an online registration platform, which is linked to the congress website
  • Handle ongoing correspondence with delegates regarding registration, networking programme and general information about the congress destination
  • Provide registration options online or via fax form; send out confirmations for services booked
  • Collect registration fees via bank transfer or credit card using a safe connection; send payment reminders
  • Visa Handling: send invitation letters in coordination with the organiser. Integration into the registration process, if requested
  • Compile congress materials for delegates
  • Set up and staff a registration counter on site for handling new registrations and handing out of congress materials
  • Send out invitation letters
  • Coordinate registration and hotel bookings in accordance with the organiser's guidelines
  • Bill travel expenses and remunerations
  • Handle ongoing correspondence with speakers, chairs and faculty
  • Set up a separate reception desk at the congress and/or the hotel
  • Provide a concept and suitable suggestions for the various evening events
  • Solicitate quotations; contract and invoice suppliers
  • Compose texts for invitations, printed matters and the congress website
  • Manage invitations in accordance with the organiser's guidelines
  • Develop and supervise an action plan
  • Coordinate external suppliers (location, decoration, signage, technical equipment, catering, artists, transfers, etc) and supervise event on site
  • Advise the organiser on adequate and innovative session formats, taking into account the content and target audience
  • Make recommendations on content management to organiser and coordinate all related subareas (hybrid meetings, recording of presentations, webcasts, etc)
  • Set up an online abstract submission platform in accordance with the organiser's guidelines (structure and format of abstracts and full papers, key words, topics, etc)
  • Issue call for abstracts and papers including submission guidelines
  • Confirm proper receipt of abstracts and papers
  • Distribute submissions to the reviewers in accordance with pre-defined criteria
  • Provide an online platform for review of submissions using a pre-defined review scale
  • Compile lists according to different criteria to serve as support for the decision-makers regarding acceptance of submissions
  • Allocate submissions based on the decisions of the scientific committee
  • Notify submitters of acceptance or rejection of submissions and provide information on lecture length, poster format, etc
  • Compose and distribute written invitations to invited speakers and chairs and take note of responses
  • Format all abstracts and transfer them into a pre-defined layout for print or electronic publication (e.g. CD-ROM)

We take care of the approbation and certification of your event according to national or international criteria.

  • Correspond with the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)
  • Carry out the approbation process with the institution in charge, in collaboration with the organiser
  • Submit required documents (scientific programme, list of participants, etc) to EACCME
  • Monitor the programme with regard to the duties facing an organiser of approbated events
  • Compile certificates of attendance in accordance with EACCME guidelines
  • Advise on the selection of adequate processes for collecting participants' CME credits (e.g. electronically via name badge scanner)
  • Issue certificates of attendance to delegates (e.g. at registration counter, via self-print terminals or through a secure online link)
  • If required: forward CME credits of individual delegates to their respective medical associations

Event security:

  • Employees who are trained as Covid-19 officers
  • Creation of security concepts for events but not as stand-alone service


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