Green Meetings


...we haven't been called in a long time, thanks to our experience. Also not when matters of sustainability are concerned. We will gladly give your event the green light if you are looking to go easy on the environment and its resources.

There are many ways to green a meeting, and we provide both the know-how and tools. Since 2012, we are licensees of the Österreichisches Umweltzeichen for Green Meetings and as such authorised to certify green events.

No need to see red numbers when you go green: following the principles of sustainability is easier than one would think, and it also need not be costly. All it takes is some creative thinking and a willingness to go "back to the roots" – for example by using local products for catering.

Important steps to your Green Meeting

According to our motto “go green and talk about it” a certification for green events needs two things: Meeting certain criteria and the delivery of the information that the planned event is going to be a Green Meeting.

In order to meet these criteria, it is easiest to cooperate with those environmentally friendly and certified businesses. The steps towards the certification are the following:

You can find an overview of all certified event locations  here 

In Austria, there is a variety of certified Hotels and B&Bs. You can find a list of those businesses  here  

Trust in locations that are easily accessible via public transport and motivate the participants to choose a sustainable and resource-friendly mode of transportation.

Always keep the waste in mind and think about zero waste alternatives when it comes to Give-Aways. Try to be as resource-saving as possible and pay attention to recycling and waste separation.

The keyword is waste avoidance! No single-use plastic and wrapping when it comes to catering. Also, create booths that can be reused at another event.

All certified caterers and restaurant businesses can be found here 

Don’t forget about security and equality and think about groups with certain handicaps.

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Director of National Projects
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