ECTES 2016: Celebrity Heather Mills joins life savers at congress in Vienna

From April 24 to 26 Vienna once again became the centre of European Trauma and Emergency Surgery. For the first time since 2002, the European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES) made camp in the Austrian capital. It is one of the most important congresses of its kind internationally and managed to draw extra special attention this year due to a celebrity guest.

From bid to event: The story of a veterinary congress

When we attend a congress as delegates, everything is ready for us. The venue has been beautifully decorated, sessions await our attendance and refreshments are being served. Our colleagues, adorned with name badges and equipped with information brochures, are already strolling through the meticulously constructed exhibition. As participants, we often forget that scientific congresses of a certain size need years of preparation. So today, we’d like to share with you the story of the FECAVA Eurocongress 2016.

How to donate leftover congress materials for a good cause and fill them with new meaning

We often produce tons of congress materials knowing that they will become obsolete once the event is over. What happens to all the stuff that is left over? Not every disused staff t-shirt needs to end up in the bin. Mondial Congress & Events has researched some ways to do good with old materials. If you keep your eyes open, you might find some more in your own neighborhood.

Learning from and with association experts

From May 2 to 4 2017, the Associations World Congress (AWC) made a stop in Vienna. The annual meeting offers talks and workshops exclusively dedicated to the exchange between and education of association experts from all over the world. When we speak of associations in this context, we don’t necessarily mean your local choral society. The often huge associations present at AWC unite several hundreds to up to hundreds of thousands of professional members to help them network and obtain qualifications at congresses relevant to their areas of expertise.

magdas Hotel Vienna: A social business perfectly located for congresses

In Vienna’s Second District, close to the famous Prater and the University of Economics and Business, magdas Hotel is located. What’s special about this hotel is that it is a social business, opened with the aim of creating jobs for as many refugees as possible. As a social business, the hotel is no charity per se, but a business which channels all the revenue created back into charitable projects.

One of the world’s leading breast cancer conferences makes second stop in Vienna

The famous consensus meeting, taking place at the St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference, sets the international standards in primary therapy of early breast cancer for the coming years. The influence and size of the meeting have long outgrown the borders of its native Switzerland. In 2017, the congress took place in Vienna for the second time – an exemplary model of international cooperation.

Vienna city tours - guided by homeless people

The aspects of homelessness visible to us are only the tip of the iceberg. Large parts of homeless life unfold in hiding. Public opinion is often dominated by misinterpretation and misunderstanding. The Viennese social business Shades Toursoffers city tours guided by homeless people, to do away with such stereotypes. Mondial Congress & Events has sampled the tours as part of a team incentive.