Convention4u 2016 Report: In the digital age, human interaction still is key

A Chinese curse made famous by John F. Kennedy says “May you live in interesting times.” There is no denying that we are indeed living in interesting times. However, it would be a mistake to see this purely as a curse. The real challenge is to find growth in adversity. The challenges of the meetings industry often mirror those of the globalized world: Digitalization, the threat of global terror, compliance regulations, tax reform, the sharing economy – a rapidly changing world that seems to be turning faster each day. 

Five hours of live surgery at national gynaecologists' meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (OEGGG) was held in Linz from May 25 to 29. The congress is a true Austrian tradition. Held annually over the long Corpus Christi weekend, participants, speakers and exhibitors make sure to save this date way in advance, not least because of the highly diverse and relevant scientific programme. 

From bid to event: The story of a veterinary congress

When we attend a congress as delegates, everything is ready for us. The venue has been beautifully decorated, sessions await our attendance and refreshments are being served. Our colleagues, adorned with name badges and equipped with information brochures, are already strolling through the meticulously constructed exhibition. As participants, we often forget that scientific congresses of a certain size need years of preparation. So today, we’d like to share with you the story of the FECAVA Eurocongress 2016.

How to donate leftover congress materials for a good cause and fill them with new meaning

We often produce tons of congress materials knowing that they will become obsolete once the event is over. What happens to all the stuff that is left over? Not every disused staff t-shirt needs to end up in the bin. Mondial Congress & Events has researched some ways to do good with old materials. If you keep your eyes open, you might find some more in your own neighborhood.

Mondial’s Stefan Walter rejoins Austrian Convention Bureau Board of Directors

Mondial Congress & Events Managing Director Stefan Walter was recently elected into the Board of Directors of the Austrian Convention Bureau (ACB) for the third time in a row. His goals for his next term in office are to connect Austrian PCOs and increase visibility of the meetings industry in the national economic landscape. Photo ©Austrian Convention Bureau I

Party like an Austrian

Every year, we hold our traditional Mondial summer party. In 2017, we went back to the roots and celebrated Austrian-style in our very own Alpine cottage in the middle of the city - milking contest and competitive beer stein holding included.