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After Konstantin Möslinger (2014) and Jeannine Klaban (2015)  Denise Lembäcker is the third Mondial team member to receive the Austrian Convention Bureau’s Best Meeting Thesis Austria Award.

The Austrian Society of Internal Medicine dared to make a big step this year: Organise its Annual Meeting in Salzburg without any paper materials whatsoever. Participants could borrow iPads for free and access the congress programme, list of speakers and floor plans via a pre-installed app.

One of our clients put us in charge of creating an Ambassador Programme to entrust young dentists with the promotion of their event. See our case study and find out how it turned out.

Mondial's employees celebrated the company's 50th anniversary on September 2, 2016. The "Mondial Agents" took their licence to party very seriously and danced until the early morning hours at Grand Casino Baden.

In Vienna’s Second District, close to the famous Prater and the University of Economics and Business, magdas Hotel is located. What’s special about this hotel is that it is a social business, opened with the aim of creating jobs for as many refugees as possible. As a social business, the hotel is no charity per se, but a business which channels all the revenue created back into charitable projects.

In the past few months our team has been growing considerably. Our three new team members work in three different business segments and their individual personalities are as diverse as their areas of expertise. Get to know them!

“Staying relevant”, “ensuring continuation” is what most association leaders will answer when asked about the major challenges facing associations today. Motivating young people to take an active part in non-profit life seems to become more and more difficut. Board positions tend to be filled with the usual suspects, who are still willing and able to shoulder the workload. But when even these veterans retire from association leadership, they leave big shoes to fill.

In Europe, we are spoiled for atmosphere. Because of our age-old history spanning centuries, we have the opportunity to organize events in grand locations like baroque palaces and old castles. The downside: Historic buildings are often hard to air condition. With years’ experience of working in all kinds of climates, we have prepared six tips that will help keep your delegates’ minds open for education – even in hot weather.

We love them: Our cool and comfy congress sneakers that protect our feet from the stresses and strains of life on site a congress and make us look good to boot. They are our pals and companions and at the same time ensure that we can be identified as a team. So why not, we thought, also make our shoes part of our team PHOTOS?

When we attend a congress as delegates, everything is ready for us. The venue has been beautifully decorated, sessions await our attendance and refreshments are being served. Our colleagues, adorned with name badges and equipped with information brochures, are already strolling through the meticulously constructed exhibition. As participants, we often forget that scientific congresses of a certain size need years of preparation. So today, we’d like to share with you the story of the FECAVA Eurocongress 2016.

In June 2016 we have exactly two years left until EuroPerio9 – Europe’s largest dental meeting – will take place in Amsterdam. The triennial congress of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) reached almost 10.000 participants in 2015, which makes it the largest dental meeting in Europe – high time to start planning for 2018. An industry meeting two years before the congress traditionally kicks off the planning process. At this meeting, the organisers meet with the most important industry supporters.

A Chinese curse made famous by John F. Kennedy says “May you live in interesting times.” There is no denying that we are indeed living in interesting times. However, it would be a mistake to see this purely as a curse. The real challenge is to find growth in adversity. The challenges of the meetings industry often mirror those of the globalized world: Digitalization, the threat of global terror, compliance regulations, tax reform, the sharing economy – a rapidly changing world that seems to be turning faster each day. 

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is a city that is justly famous for its arty flair and creative atmosphere and that has been driving a flourishing, now world-renowned design movement. We’ll show you how you can hold a productive scientific meeting that also integrates the best and most cutting-edge features of its host destination for the pleasure of its attendees – from the venue to the post-congress tours