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When a president’s term in office has ended, he or she, as the saying goes, “hands over the baton” – sometimes quite literally. Our job is to focus on people, but let us follow the history of an object for once, and explore the significance of regalia in the history of modern scientific associations and their congresses.

This summer two new team members have joined Mondial Congress & Events. Get to know them!

Congresses are events centred on education. But you still have to keep the long-term development of visitor and membership structures in mind. A hashtag printer is a cost-effective way to engage delegates on site and improve your social media presence at the same time.

…and we know it. Otherwise, congresses couldn’t work after all. It doesn’t hurt though, to be reminded of this fact once in a while. So the Mondial team went on a dragon boat race on the blue Danube to get a fun refresher in teamwork skills. Includes video.

When congress organisers go to congresses for congress organisers, things get a little bit meta. Because that’s where they get to try out new meeting formats in person before pitching them to their clients. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t throw stones inside a fishbowl and how cable cars can bring people together.
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The initiative “Ride Your Bike to Work” was started as early as 2011 to promote biking among Austrian office workers. Cycling is good for your health, your immune system and the environment. In May, three Mondial teams got spinning to reach their goal: bike to work on at least half of all business days.

If you are organising a congress in the world’s second largest administrative building, you have to plan for spontaneous guests. Being well prepared makes it easier to be spontaneous.

From May 2 to 4 2017, the Associations World Congress (AWC) made a stop in Vienna. The annual meeting offers talks and workshops exclusively dedicated to the exchange between and education of association experts from all over the world. When we speak of associations in this context, we don’t necessarily mean your local choral society. The often huge associations present at AWC unite several hundreds to up to hundreds of thousands of professional members to help them network and obtain qualifications at congresses relevant to their areas of expertise.

Hostesses: without them, no large-scale event could function. Their work is as important as it is often misunderstood. What exactly is a hostess‘ job at scientific congresses and what’s the difference to working as a hostess at fairs and other events? We’ve compiled a little dossier for you.

The aspects of homelessness visible to us are only the tip of the iceberg. Large parts of homeless life unfold in hiding. Public opinion is often dominated by misinterpretation and misunderstanding. The Viennese social business Shades Tours offers city tours guided by homeless people, to do away with such stereotypes. Mondial Congress & Events has sampled the tours as part of a team incentive.

The famous consensus meeting, taking place at the St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference, sets the international standards in primary therapy of early breast cancer for the coming years. The influence and size of the meeting have long outgrown the borders of its native Switzerland. In 2017, the congress took place in Vienna for the second time – an exemplary model of international cooperation.

In early March, when large parts of Europe are still covered in wintery dark and gloom, Malta attracts delegates with sun, sea and sophisticated event facilities. Perfect conditions for the Second EFP Perio Master Clinic, currently one of Europe’s most innovative education formats for dental professionals.

OPC Catalunya, umbrella organization for Catalonian PCOs, recently brought Spain’s leading congress for Professional Congress Organisers to the city of Lleida. Gloria Casanova, Managing Director for Mondial Congress Barcelona, contributed her expertise as session chair.