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Finding good speakers is tricky enough. So if they cannot come to your meeting in person, it can sometimes make sense to let them present remotely. Here's how it's done:

In recent months, nearly all major scientific congresses have been cancelled or held virtually. Live congresses are now possible again - yet with restrictions.

No event without gifts. Try green ones for a change.

Recent news has shown that in some countries, such as Austria, COVID-19 restrictions seem to be loosening. In contrast, internationally, when we look at countries like Ireland, things are still being kept on a tightrope.

All you wanted to do was organise an interesting congress, but, as is bound to happen every so often, an emergency interferes with your plans.  In such cases, effective crisis communication can make a real difference.

Even before the Corona pandemic there had been a trend towards digital education. One option to create digital educational content is "content capturing”, that is, recording your live conference for use in a digital format. Find the most important facts about content capturing here.

The events industry often has to be one of the first to respond to international threats, be they environmental or health-related. While managing a crisis never follows a strict set of rules, there are patterns you can look out for.

To help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, the Mondial team is working from home. Watch the video to find out what we are up to in our home office. (No toilet paper was harmed in the making of this video.)

Our industry is experiencing a historic challenge and as yet, no-one can say for sure what this situation will mean for the congress and events industry mid- to long term. All we know for sure is: our industry is going to change; more so: it is already changing.

From now on we will publish one Green Meeting Tip each month in this very spot. We will show you how you too can take small and easy steps to make your meeting, event, conference or congress a little bit more eco-friendly with no to little hassle. Today we'd like to talk about lunch boxes and their more sustainable alternatives.

Interested in the craft of congress management but unsure it’s for you? Here are five common myths about congress organisation that are not or only partly true:

Surprisingly for some, many great photos are taken at congresses. To honour them, our employees get together each year to choose the best congress photos of the year past. You can see all finalists and winning pics of 2019 here.

2019 is almost over; time for a bit of reflection on the events of the year past. Many things we did better than the year before and some we even did for the first time ever – like it’s supposed to be. Read more about the highlights of our year 2019 here.