Biking to work is worth it

Due to the many positive effect biking has on our body and soul (read up on it here), the “Ride your bike to Work” initiative was started in Austria in 2011. This is how it works: in each workplace, teams of up to four persons may register online and together pursue the goal of riding their bikes to work on at least half of all business days in May. When you’re part of a team it’s much easier to stay motivated, improving your chances of success. Progress can be tracked via the website or app. All successful teams are automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win great prizes.

The number of participating Mondial staff more than tripled this year compared to 2017 from five to a total of 16 bikers. Together we covered a distance of 1.302 kilometres, saved 599 € and 200 kilos of carbon-dioxide and burned 23.436 calories – that’s 109 Schnitzels or 132 veggie burgers for you (in case you’re vegetarian).

The team “Congress 3“was in for a very special surprise: after mastering the biking challenge in May they won a prize in the raffle! Each team member got a brand-new Melon helmet for style and safety.

Thus adorned it’s even more fun to just keep biking after May has ended. We hope that yet more colleagues will join us next year – not just as a test drive for upcoming Green Meetings.