New association - new home

Traditionally, the foundation of a new scientific non-profit association follows an established pattern: There is a perceived need for representation of a certain discipline through a scientific association; usually, because no such association existed before. The next step is registering the association with the relevant authority. The association usually exists before its basic infrastructure. Its bare bones are made up of bylaws, a decision-making organ like a board and a few first members – all that is needed to found an association. Most associations have continuing education in their respective field defined as their primary goal, which leads to first education events. These, in turn, make the association grow and attract more members until the people in charge, usually volunteer leaders, see the need to hire a professional Association Management Company (AMC) to handle day-to-day tasks.

In the case of the Austrian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (ÖgOuT), this traditional pattern was partly reversed. Step one remained the same: The need was recognised to found a scientific association which would represent the new discipline. However, Association Management by Mondial Congress & Events was in place from the very beginning. Association Manager Birgit Magyar already manages the Austrian Trauma Society and thus has known many of the people involved for years.

Overseeing the birth of a new scientific association is a very special task indeed. The advantage is that the newly founded association has a home from the very beginning. A fixed phone line is set up and a secretariat established for everyone involved to leave their requests and suggestions without the fear of important information getting lost. Communication, bureaucratic processes and public relations are focused at one central point, making it easier to keep an overview of all activities. For the founding of an association comes with a long to-do list: handling bureaucratic tasks, opening a bank account, developing bylaws and much more. Having an experienced Association Manage who has everything in view is a godsend, can save time and help prevent stress.

The brand-new ÖGOuT website has recently gone live and provides some first information about the society. In January 2017, the first training seminar took place, aiming to help residents prepare for their certification exams. Part two of the event series is scheduled to be held in April 2017. Of course, it is now also possible to become a member. We are looking forward to being part of the new born association's future development.