Hi, I’m a self-print terminal, nice to meet you!

Good morning, did you sleep well? I sure did. It was a rough and wobbly ride on that large truck yesterday, but finally me and my colleagues made it here in time and are safely propped up against the wall with great views of the UEG booth - easy to find too. I’m really happy we’re here, because we can make your registration for UEG Week in Vienna so much easier.

If you’ll just scan your barcode right here, that’s all I need by way of an introduction. Good morning Dr. Smith, I see you have a full registration for UEG Week. I’ve known your name ever since you first pre-registered, of course. Good to finally put a face to the name. Hang on just a second while I prepare your congress materials. Here they are - just grab that piece of paper, peel off your name badge, help yourself to one of the lanyards to my left and you’re good to go. Only took ten seconds.  

You have a lovely green stripe on your badge. That’s my favourite colour, but I think I like all of them. Had you been here for the PHD teaching course, I would have given you a pink stripe. Blue stripes are for speakers. Had you been a speaker, I would have pointed you towards the speaker service desk to my right. Not because I can’t print your badge, but because the humans at the desk have to give you some important information regarding your talk and maybe a little treat to thank you for coming all this way. Unfortunately, I don’t have a treat-dispenser just yet.

Sometimes, people will forget their bar code or it’s my fault and I can’t read them. I’m working really hard to improve. It’s a pity too, because if their barcodes don’t work, I won’t get to meet them in person, but they’ll find help immediately at one of the service desks to my right.

Don’t throw away the rest of the paper I printed for you please, because these are your vouchers for your congress bag and abstract USB stick. My friendly human associates in the green t-shirts can tell you exactly where to go. Have a nice congress!

Photo: UEG