First industry meeting in Amsterdam starts countdown for Europe’s largest dental congress

In June 2016 we have exactly two years left until EuroPerio9 – Europe’s largest dental meeting – will take place in Amsterdam. The triennial congress of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) reached almost 10.000 participants in 2015, which makes it the largest dental meeting in Europe – high time to start planning for 2018. An industry meeting two years before the congress traditionally kicks off the planning process. At this meeting, the organisers meet with the most important industry supporters.

The members of the EFP Organising Committee, together with Core PCO Mondial Congress & Events, presented the concept of EuroPerio9 to 27 invited industry partners at RAI Amsterdam, where the congress will be held in 2018. In addition to the presentation and ample time for questions, the industry representatives were also given a tour of the venue. After all, EuroPerio includes 3.100 square metres of booth space. To accommodate all this, you need a hall that is approximately the size of a football field. Some of the companies present are planning to set up booths as big as 150 square metres  – the same area as an average family home and almost as tall. To do this, you need to inspect the venue as early as possible to see what can be done with the space available and what facilities are on hand.

The Industry Meeting was very popular with the industry representatives and proved once again that EuroPerio is perceived as the world’s leading congress in Periodontology – a must-attend meeting. “Even though there are still two years to go, you can tell by the industry partner’s enthusiasm that the congress is headed for success,” says EuroPerio9 Project Manager Florian Fehringer. “Industry presence is a deciding factor in the congress’ advancement.”

120 exhibitors were present at the last edition of EuroPerio in London 2015. Most of them we’ve known since 2009 when Mondial Congress & Events took over as EFP Core PCO for EuroPerio7, 2012 in Vienna. Since then, participant numbers have been increasing by 25% with every new edition of the congress. Frequent face to face meetings and fruitful exchange before, after and during the congresses ensure understanding for the other party’s role and build trusting relationships between everyone involved. Accordingly, we can look back on good collaborations with the EFP industry partners that we’re confident will continue into the future.