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Interested in the craft of congress management but unsure it’s for you? Here are five common myths about congress organisation that are not or only partly true:

Surprisingly for some, many great photos are taken at congresses. To honour them, our employees get together each year to choose the best congress photos of the year past. You can see all finalists and winning pics of 2019 here.

2019 is almost over; time for a bit of reflection on the events of the year past. Many things we did better than the year before and some we even did for the first time ever – like it’s supposed to be. Read more about the highlights of our year 2019 here.

We are immensely proud that two distinguished members of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) have been kind enough to record some short video testimonials for us. Have a look!

Our Core PCO client EUROSPINE 2019 took us further north than we’d ever been with a congress – to Helsinki, Finland. Here’ what sets the Nordics apart as a congress destination. Photos © EUROSPINE/APACE P.L.C.

Tina Maria Wögerbauer has just joined our team of congress professionals. Find out more about her here.

In this guest article, our resident anthropologist Carola is having a look at the PCO world as if it were a remote tribe. Enjoy the read!

For more than ten years, the Mondial Group has been integrating green practices into ist business model. Now, a new logo has been designed to indicate green products and offerings.

Are you an association executive tasked with organizing a congress? Are you looking for a Professional Conference Organiser to take some of the organizational duties off your back? Use this template to brief your prospective PCO and make comparing offers much easier for you.

When temperatures are at their highest, the number of educational events is at its lowest, even though it is often a time when the mind is more relaxed. There are many other advantages to organizing a congress in the summer months. We have researched the best reasons for you:

The collaboration between the Confederation of European ORL-HNS and Mondial was sealed a long time ago. Now a successful first congress in Brussels finally served to kick off the long-term collaboration.

Our tech department just got a new addition. Welcome, Irina!

Especially during the summer months blood donations are sorely needed. World Blood Donor Day was on 14 June. Going to give blood together has long been a tradition at Mondial.